Women's Development Foundation launches health care project for people with chronic diseases

    • March 29, 2018

    The Foundation for the Development of Women, funded by Kareem Foundation, launched a health care project for people suffering from chronic diseases within its social empowerment program ("Touch of Healing" project)
    The project targets women whose families are declared to be 200 families
    In the following directorates (Cairo - Al-Muzaffar - Hall)
    This project comes in view of the need of families for such projects that alleviate suffering
    In the poor economic conditions experienced by the province
    Where it is difficult for families to buy medicines and preoccupied with providing basic daily food.

    This project was implemented in the presence of a medical committee and a laboratory to the headquarters of the institution to provide women with the cost of transportation and the difficulty of conducting tests and return to the doctor

    The project was implemented in three phases:
    - First stage: medical examination by the doctors committee
    - Phase II: tests to ascertain the proportion of the disease and the presence of new diseases
    - Phase III: Treatment of the treatment
    Where the treatment phase continues for two months (February - March)

    During the implementation of the project it was noted that some families suffer from psychological diseases as a result of war and fear and will be referred to specialists and conduct psychological counseling sessions for them

    The beneficiaries thanked the Foundation for funding such charitable projects and that the project alleviated their suffering, especially since they do not have the value of treatment, where treatment
    A constant need due to their health conditions ..

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